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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Credit cards and gun control

There's a good summary in yesterday's New York Times of the legislation that puts restrictions on the credit card companies. The author's opinion is that the talk from the companies about curtailing perks for us deadbeats who pay every month is just that -- talk. His point is that these programs are what differentiate the various cards and motivate consumers to use one card over another, and that the companies make sufficient money from merchant fees that we won't see those rewards removed. It's a valid point but it does assume logic on the part of the management of the companies, an assumption that may or may not be justified. Time will tell.

One more comment. Attached to this credit card bill was a rider allowing guns in national parks. My opinion on guns aside, it really upsets me when Congress does something like this. There is simply no excuse for attaching legislation on a completely unrelated topic to a popular bill. This is an underhanded way of getting things done and I do not appreciate our congresscritters dodging an issue by tacking it on to something unrelated. It's a cowardly way of ducking important issues and making it hard for voters to know how their representatives stand on them.

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